What is Mega-liposuction?

The term "Mega-liposuction" refers to a medical technique in which the quantity of lipo-extraction exceeds 4 liters in one liposuction procedure.
19 Mach 2001, Dr. Wang zhi jun of the Wang ZhiJun Cosmetic Surgery has performed 500 liposuction procedures where more than 3 liters of adipose tissue was extracted and 300 where the volume was in excess of 4 liters. Operations where the amount of lipo-extraction exceeds 4 liters are considered exceptional performances for Orientals.

  What is the largest quantity of lipo-extraction achieved?

Wang  reached a limit of 18 liters from a female patient in 19 Mach 2001. Any more than this is considered dangerous for Orientals.

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  Who should consider Mega-liposuction?

Candidates for Mega-liposuction are people who are either overweight or who suffer from obesity.

Can any complications arise out of the procedure?

No, not if the following guidelines are adhered to:

1. Care must be taken when selecting patients.
2. A pre-operative total body check must be performed.
3. The procedure must only be performed by a surgeon who is well-versed in Mega-liposuction technique.
4. For cases where the extraction exceeds 5 liters, a pre-operative preparation of autologous blood transfusion will be recommended.
5. The use of small cannula (3mm - 4mm) will minimize blood- loss during and after the operation.
6. For lipo-extraction of lower extremities, an air-tourniquet is a useful aid.
7. Infiltration of large amounts of cold (2- 3 with adrenaline diluted normal saline will prevent bleeding and hypovolemia shock.
8. Both the trained anesthesiologist and the surgeon must each know when to stop before they go too far.
9. Good post-operative care.

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So, tell me more about Mega-liposuction.
Mega-liposuction is an additional treatment for obese patients for whom other medical or surgical treatments have failed. For cosmetic purposes, the best results are achieved on patients whose body weight is under 100kg for Orientals.
Mega-liposuction is not a dangerous procedure if it is performed by a surgeon who is well-trained and experienced in this procedure.
The procedure should never pose a threat to the patient, therefore careful management of the patient selection process and good post-operative care are very important considerations.

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